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Users Named

The identities of many users of graphology have been named in published sources. Searches have been made and a list made of them with the sources.


Action on Addiction (21,29)

Age+Resource (4)

AIT Computers (30)

Alfred Dunhill (3)

Allders (15,21,29)

Alphagraphics - Printshops Of The Future

American Exchange Bank (24)

American Standards Testing Bureau

ANA   International, (3)

Arizona State University


Attorney F. Lee Bailey

Attorney Melvyn Belli


Avrup Engineering (30)

Bank of America (19) (8)

Banker's Life

Banque Populaire

Barclay's Bank (8)

Baring Securities (15)

Bassett & Bassett, Detroit (22) (27)

Bec Frčres

BellAtlantic (Self-Improvement Seminars Only)

Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream (31)

Bethlehem Spark Plug Company Inc. (24)

Boeing Co.


Brahm (30)

Brays Detective Agency, Hampshire (28)

Bristol Myers (14 and 18),

Britax Wingard Ltd., Hampshire  (28)

Budai és Szabó Ügyvédi Iroda

Burger King(14 and 18)

Buser Silk Company Inc. (24)

C.J.Heppe & Sons(24)

Cantalou L'independant

Carlsberg Singapore Pte Ltd (3)

Carso  Dol Et Cie

Cellier Des Templiers

Cellnet (30)

Centrepoint Charity, London  (28)

Charles Beck Machine Company (24)

Charles Eneu Johnson Company (24)

Chartered Institute of Bankers (33)

Chattertons Solicitors, Lincoln (28)

Chaucer Holdings Ltd (30)

Chevron Foods (32)

CIA (19)



City Bank (14 and 18)

City Of Los Angeles

Clare P. Dushane (24)

Coca Cola

Coldwell Banker (8)

Coles Miller Solicitors, Poole (28)


Conn. Mutual Life

Cooperatives Agricoles


Crédit Agricole,

CSI Processors(26)

Dallas Morning News

D'Angibau Willmot Solicitors, Bournemouth  (28)


Del Bano

Deloitte & Touche

Department of Defense


Docks de France,

Dolphin & Kirby (32)

Dow Chemical (19) (8)

Dr. Pendl and Dr. Piswanger Vezetői Tanácsadó Csoport

Dr. Szűcs Andrea ügyvéd

Duckworth Finn Grubb Waters, Advertising Agency, London

Dun & Bradstreet

Dunapack Hullámtermékgyár


E.M.Robinson (24)

East EuroCo Executive Search Group

Elizabeth Gage

Emhart Corporation

Equitable of Ohio

Espresso Education (30)

Essex Varnish Company (24)

Eugene A. Stilton  (24)


Fac Simile

Faron Sutaria & Co., Estate Agents, London (32)

Fast Maintenance Informatique

FBI (19)

Federal Express (19) (8)

Federation Des Caves

Ferguson Bricknell Solicitors, Oxford  (28)

Field Fisher Waterhouse Solicitors, London  (28)

Firestone Tire Company(14, 17),

Fletcher Works  (24)


Ford Motor Company

Fournié Grospaud

France Télécom

Friends Provident Life & Pensions Ltd, Surrey (28)

Fulcrum Personnel, (23)


General Battery

General Electric (14, 17),

Gillette, (3)

Glaxo Smith Kline (21,29)

Goldman Sachs (30)

Green & Rawlings Solicitors, High Wycombe  (28)

Greene-Appleby Corporation (24)

Groupe Coopératif Occitan

Groupe Jeanjean

Groupe Marcou

H&R Block

H.J. Heinz

H.S.B.W. Cochrane Corp. (24)

Habitat (5)

Hampshire Tennis & Health Club (4)

Harvard Univ.(Leadership Sem.)

Heinz Watties New Zealand (26)

Hextall Erskine Solicitors, London  (28)

Highway Patrol

Hillier Parker CB (15,21)

Hillier Parker(29)

Hiscox Plc (15, 20, 32)

Holmes & Long (24)


Humana Care Plus

Huntington Communication, (3)

I. Magnin


IJB Risk Services, jewellery and fine arts consultancy in Manhattan, (25)

Informatique Verte



International Harvester (14, 17)


Isaac H. Francis (24)

Iter  Kai

ITS Communication, (3)

J Walter Thompson (4)

J.C. Penney, Co.

Jean De Bru  

Kansas State Prison

Keith Bagg & Associates, (23)

Kent County Council, Kent  (28)

Kentucky Fried Chicken (19)

Kerr Recruitment (20)

Kingsworthy Volvo (4)

Kodak (19)


Kraft Foods Hungary

L.D.Berger & Co. (24)

Laboratoire Chauvin


Ladd & Nichols (24)

Land O'Lakes (14 and 16)

Land O'Frost (16)

Lawcomm Ltd., Southampton (28)

Lazards(15, 21,29)

Legal & General Assurance (30)

Leonard & Swain Solicitors, Southampton  (28)

Leopold Joseph, London-based independent private banking group (33)


Lloyds Of London

Macmillan Fund(21,29)


Magyar Külkereskedelmi Bank

Mairie De Tautavel



Manches Solicitors, London (28)


Meon Travel Ltd., Hampshire (28)

Meridionale Des Travaux

Merrill Lynch Asset Management (as Mercury Asset Management) (15,21, 25,29)

Meyer International Marketing, (3)



Mileage Communications (3)

Mont'Blanc (3)

Montgomery Ward

Moxon (32)

Mutual of Omaha


N.J.Euwer Company (24)

Nationwide Investigations Group, Hampshire  (28)


New York Life Insurance

Niagra Metal Stamping Corporation (24)

NJ State Police

NW Mutual Life

Occidental Life Insurance

Ocular Sciences Ltd, Hampshire (28)

Ogier & Le Masurier Solicitors, Jersey  (28)

Olsten Employment Services

Olympus Camera

Orco International (3)

P&O (30)

Pacific Bell (19) (8)

Packard Moor Company (24)

Paine, Weber, Jackson & Curtis

Pan Am


Pechiney Reynalu

Penny + Giles Controls, Dorset (28)

Peugot Motors

Pfizer Ltd., Kent  (28)

Philadelphia Paper Manufacturing Co. (24)

Philippe Rey

Philippe Ruggieri

Picard Surgeles

Pifco  (32)

Pilot Pen Inc. in Trumbull, Conn.,(25)

PoLo PR, London

Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust, Hampshire  (28)

Prestige Promotions Ltd.(4)

Principal Financial Group

Prudential Insurance (25)

Pye-Smiths Solicitors, Salisbury (28)

R.E.Robinson & Co. (24)


Read Machinery Company (24)


Resorts International

Richtree Markets restaurant group(23)

Riker 3M,

RNW Consulting,management consulting firm in Evanston, Ill (25)

Robert Old & Co., Men's Fashion Retailer, Dorset

Robert V. Jones (24)

Russel Stephens' Inc (employment agency in California) (19)


Saint Germes Auger
Thermes De Molitg Les Bains

Salaisons De La Montagne Noire
Umt Mutuelles Du Tarn

San Jose Police Department


Sarah Lee, Berkshire (28)


Sica France Mais

SmithKline Beecham 



Social Development Unit (3)

Solent Blue Line Bus Co., Hampshire  (28)

Solvay Healthcare, Hampshire (28)

Sony (25)


Southampton Airport, Hampshire (28)

Southampton Container Terminals, Hampshire (28)

Southern Water Services, Hampshire  (28)



St. Louis Police

Stade Toulousain  

Standard of Ohio

Stannah Lifts, Hampshire  

State Bar of Texas

Strutt & Parker (29)


Swift Trade Inc. (23)

Swissair (9)

Swissport UK Ltd., Heathrow  (28)

Synergon Informatika Rt.

The Aetna Life Insurance & Annuity Co.

The Champneys Group Ltd (30)

The Charles W. Kimbel Company (24)

The Industrial Press  (24)

The People's Association (3)

The Ruberoid Company (Standard Paint Co.) (24)

The Salvage Association, Hampshire (28)

The Shaw-Kendall Engineering Co. (24)

The Wilkes Partnership, Birmingham  (28)

Thomson Telephone Directories, Hampshire (28)

Thrifty Car Rental (14 and 16)

Thrifty Pay Less


Tormead School, Surrey (28)


Turners Solicitors, Bournemouth  (28)

U.S. Office of Naval Intelligence (24)

U.S. Steel (14, 17)

Unison, Staffordshire (28)

Unit Construction Company (24)

United Bank and Trust of Tecumseh (22)

United Parcel Service, (see UPS)

United States Court Systems

United Technologies

University of Southampton, Hampshire (28)

University of Wales, Cardiff (28)

UPS (19) (8)

USX (US Steel)

Veolia Water UK Plc, London (28)

Virgin Atlantic (15)

Warburg SG (15)



Wells Fargo Bank


Whitehead & Kales Company (24)

Wilbert Garrison Company (24)

Winchester Brooks Shopping Centre (4)

Xerox (LA computer Division)


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